Removing the ease from the linear transform

This is a super secret workaround.

You’ve done this: set transform keyframes to change the position and scale of an object. You set the interpolation to linear, yet the thing still eases in and out. You play with the bezier handles but no joy. There is hope, because there’s a simple workaround that will allow you to make your animations nice and direct with no easing.

It’s all about adding a keyframe to the frame next to your current keyframe, then deleting it. It’s quite simple really, and it works.


Still Here

Yep… haven’t gone anywhere.

I’m still working primarily in FCPX. I like the promise of it a little better than the actual execution. I still get too many beachballs, and there are still many workarounds I feel I’m forced to make, however, I have ultimate faith that the app will continue to grow, like legacy Final Cut did, but in an extremely accelerated manner. Not nearly as fast as I’d like, but it’s doing alright so far.

Top requests:

  • Get rid of the timelines in the project library. Slowness by design. Yikes.
  • Figure out an elegent way to keep the render files if I duplicate a project. Is it only because I’m used to legacy FCP that I expect it to be able to do this?
  • Please come up with a vault. More than once, I’ve fallen asleep editing. I’ve had the same short clip edited 50 or more times in my timeline, overwriting just about everything else, simply because I had my finger on the D key as I nodded off. If my program crashed before I hit my undo 50 or more times, I’d be toast.
  • Fix the multicam clips. I need to be able to edit the audio without stepping into the clips several times. You can’t see the multicam clip in timeline view mode to edit the audio. You need to first step into the multicam clip, to see the individual clips, then step into the one clip I’m going to edit, then find the range of the multicam clip that’s in my timeline, then edit the multiple audio tracks to get a proper sound balance, then step back out into the main timeline. It’s uber-awkward.
  • Paste properties selection, and copy and paste individual effects. This is a must. I’m hamstrung by this weakness nearly once a week. Give me back my favorites bin for effects, and that would be a first step.
  • Find all of the memory and processor leaks. I’m still getting beach balls, and I don’t even know why.m.
  • Bring back audio automation, normalization gain, round-tripping with motion, fix the photoshop import ( I actually loved the implementation in 10.0.2 and before. I could edit away at my psd, and all of my changes would show up in the clip. Magical. Now I need to create a new clip for every alteration, and re-ingest it. It super-sucks.
  • That’s a good first step.Yay.