Still editing… blogging not so much.

I’ve been a busy boy, editing almost exclusively with FCX on my laptop. I continue to like an awful lot about X, but then there’s the awful part that I don’t like at all.

I’ve had a recent run-in with a project size bloat. I posted it to the cow, and got some good information and feedback.

FCX gives you the ability to take a clip from the event browser and open it in a timeline view, where you can basically treat it like a sequence, and modify it any way you desire. This seems more than a little dangerous. If I modified a clip with effects and needed to re-import it, would it re-enter the event with the effects nested inside?

I had added some markers, and applied the loudness audio enhancement to two of the four audio tracks inside my two main clips. Then I placed the modified clip in my timeline, and proceeded to cut it into bits with the blade tool. After cutting it into a dozen or so clips, my project size ballooned to nearly 100mb, where most of my projects are in the vicinity of 20mb.

It seems that when I altered my clip, I essentially made FCX treat it like a sequence instead of a clip. This should be avoided.

Note that I’m not talking about applying the audio enhancement to the clip in the bin. I’m talking about opening the clip and applying the audio enhancement to individual tracks inside the clip.

I’m not going to do that again. Likewise it can become troublesome make a compound clip and slice that up into bits because every time you add an edit cut splitting a compound clip, you effectively double the clip, and start making the project size larger. This shouldn’t be an issue for one or two cuts, but if you start editing an entire sequence with compound clips it can be trouble.