Another day… another edit. This one was fun.

It’s fun to edit a story where I get to push the fancy button a lot.

This is a story about a local author who wrote a guidebook for affordable fun in Seattle. I used photoshop skills to change the names on signs and stores. I created an animated copy of his book. We interviewed the author in front of a green screen to give the keying a shot. I animated book pages in motion. It was a lot of fun.

I’m feeling more confident with the interface. That doesn’t mean that it’s working perfectly for me, but I’m familiar enough to know what I can do, and how to work around what I can’t. I’m still waiting for that update this summer.

This is my entire timeline. Click to open full size.

I like to have my timelines as clean as possible, including the audio. I generally group my audio files in tracks based on the content. It’s taking some effort to let go, and let the audio clips fall where they may.

I got to use photoshop to change some signage, and put it over rolling video to help “sell” the shot.

It's fun to use photoshop to modify reality.

Overall, it was a fun experience. The green screen key was instantaneous, and required no modification at all. I still want my “send to motion” back, and it feels to me like I should be able to drag the motion project file directly into an FCX bin, and drop it into the timeline. There may be a way to send the file back to motion for modifications, without rendering a new output file, but I haven’t figured it out yet.


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