My audio adventures

Grrrrr. What’s the matter with this thing?

It took me over 13 minutes to do what should have taken less than a minute. I did a screen capture. Take a look.

FCP7 gives us many ways to get to the destination. That flexibility is one of the things I love about it!

FCPX has many roads as well, but some are especially bumpy, many are dead ends, and some are filled with robbers and thieves (time thieves).

Looking at the promotional videos, they are trying to make the application look professional and easy to use. In practicality, I think they started building the basics to cover the basic editing that most people will use, then they added the extra functions that professionals need. And by “added” I mean they pressed, nested, hid, and squeezed the extra functions into the interface, making the workflow so clunky you’ll want to go back to cutting film with a razorblade.

<exhale loudly>

I’m going to keep wrestling with this play preview. I should never have tried to cut it on X, but I’m not going to get faster without practice.

One thought on “My audio adventures

  1. There are definitely some nasty bugs and usability problems in there (hopefully you’ve reported them!) but on the first task to make the piano louder, can you not do this:

    Select the ciip, right-click and choose “Open in Timeline”, make the piano track louder, then step back to the parent timeline and when you dip the audio, both tracks will dip together.

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