Where’s My Cheese

It’s either been hidden or it’s non-existent. The problem with hidden cheese is that it eventually begins to smell.

Look at the things that are missing: omf and xml, tape support, multiple timelines open, ability to edit from one timeline to another, pasting selective attributes to clips, multicam, audio output track assignment, video output, control surfaces, automation gain, and no way to open old projects! Really?!? My camera records separate audio on its two channels, but I cannot easily adjust them on my timeline without excessive gymnastics. It seems obvious that with FCPX, that Apple is trying to democratize video production. With the previous versions of Final Cut, they opened the door to high-end production to the masses. That meant that people didn’t need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy a production studio. Anyone with a firewire camera and a laptop could produce broadcast quality videos. We still need a high-to-medium-end camera, microphones, lights and monitors, and the know-how to use them.

Welcome to the next stage of the evolution. Now anyone with a digital camera or iphone can produce high quality videos for fun and/or profit.

I’m all for evolution, but I make money using my talent and tools, and I will use every function they give me. I’m going to continue to use FCS 3 as long as I can. I can edit quickly and accurately, and I have numerous tricks and shortcuts for managing my media that won’t work with FCP X, and that bugs the crap out of me. It’s like telling me that I must write a story, but I can’t use verbs.

I know where most of the shortcuts and workflow alternatives are. I’m afraid that they haven’t just moved my cheese, but they’ve removed it, or turned it into cheese whiz.

X has enough going for it that I want to continue to try to make it work, but is it really so difficult to let us know the road map for this thing, so we can decide if it’s best to get off the road, and go another way?

With that said, I completed another project in X that has already made the air. More on that later.

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