It starts.

Welcome to my brain.

Or what’s left of it since the release of the new editing software.

Like others, I was awed at the video circulating on the internet of the presentation of the new software. Add this new power to the greatest editing software ever, and the results will be transformational.

I don’t need to detail the release. Has a piece of software ever been released into such a storm of bile and derision? Microsoft Bob comes to mind, but nobody’s income and livelihood was in jeopardy by that claptrap.

I make my living by shooting and editing video for a local tv station in Seattle. I’ve spent decades editing on tape to tape systems, ultimately learning to edit on Avid, Final Cut, and the Sony Xpri system, which we currently produce our show on.

I love Final Cut Pro. I consider myself a power user. I’m determined to step into the morass to see if I can make this new monster work for me. I know the headache of a paradigm shift is temporary. If I can get over the learning curve, this could be quite exciting.

So far however, I’m feeling like Apple may have abandoned the high end editors in favor of a dumbed-down, over simplified tool for the masses to make their little youtube videos on. I value creative control, but I also need precision. For me, Final Cut was freedom. Freedom from Avid. Freedom from having just one workflow. Freedom to use my keys, my mouse, or any combination I wanted to execute my edits. If I ran into a difficulty, there were 3 or 4 different ways to work around the problem, FCP is that flexible. Is it still?

This is the grand experiment. What is the new Final Cut Pro X?

This blog is all about making it work.

Stay tuned.

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